HIPAA Compliance

Maintain Compliance with

The HIPAA Privacy Act in El Paso

As a medical practice, HIPAA compliance is one of your most important concerns, second only to the care of your patients. Your practice must enact certain policies and procedures to ensure that all staff and medical personnel comply with HIPAA regulations. MedTech Advantage is the leader in HIPAA implementation in El Paso, offering a range of services designed to support your practice in establishing and maintaining compliance. Our team members are experts in HIPAA guidelines and procedures and offer ongoing support and consultation in order to assess your compliance.

Your Experts in

Understanding HIPAA Regulations

At MedTech Advantage, we offer a range of IT services that ensure that your systems and communications networks are HIPAA compliant. With over two decades of experience in the industry and specializing in providing comprehensive IT solutions and managed services to medical practices, our team provides ongoing support and compliance services that will help your practice to succeed. With HIPAA complaint hosting, backup and restoration services and more, as well as our auditing services that lets you know where you stand regarding compliance, our team will help you to meet with your local and federal HIPAA regulations in the most cost-effective way.


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The first step in ensuring compliance to HIPAA regulations is to understand how well your medical practice is performing. To find out more about the auditing service offered by MedTech Advantage, contact us today at

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