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VoIP for Medical Practices in El Paso

Staying connected is just simply part of running a successful business, particularly for medical practices and healthcare organizations. MedTech Advantage is the leading provider of business VoIP in El Paso. Our range of cloud-based subscription services enables our clients to establish their communication network at scale, and provide simplicity and ease of use for any of your personnel. No matter how small or large your practice is, our VoIP phone solutions offer flexibility and versatility. As one of the leading VoIP providers in El Paso, MedTech Advantage is here to get you connected.

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As a healthcare organization or medical practice, security and privacy is your highest priority, particularly when it comes to conveying personal health information over the telephone. VoIP technology is significantly more secure than traditional analog phone lines and offers encryption at the enterprise level. An IP phone system also allows for more control over the system and offers enhanced audio quality, customization and queue management for the prioritization of urgent calls. A business phone system using VoIP technology also provides exceptional scalability and can grow as your practice grows.


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VoIP phone technology offers numerous benefits to medical practices and healthcare organizations. MedTech Advantage is the leading VoIP provider in the El Paso area with a range of secure VoIP options to cater for your requirements. Learn more today by calling (915) 219-4480.