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Cyber Security Awareness Training

For Employees in El Paso

At MedTech Advantage, we are often asked what server security is and what security measures should be implemented on a network? In a nutshell, server security is a set of mechanisms designed to keep your data and communications away from prying eyes. Network security is extremely important, and measures such as business firewall solutions, secure email, server antivirus software and data encryption services will ensure the integrity of your systems.

We also offer physical security and access control, secure server software and penetration testing, as well as cyber security awareness ppt resources and phishing attack examples so that your employees know what to look out for.

Physical Security Solutions

For Enhanced Protection

Network security is only one aspect of your overall protection when it comes to keeping your data safe. Physical security offers the human element to proactively ensure that your staff and servers are protected at all times. Our cyber security awareness training ensures that you are protected from breaches and vulnerabilities across all aspects of your system, including dark web monitoring to protect the integrity of your data. Our ultimate goal is to help you minimize risk in the most effective ways.


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